Author Guidance Program Information

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Author Guidance Program

Who is this program for?

It is for writers who have the desire to:

  • – bring their stories to life
  • – become published authors
  • – live their passion

What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of this program is to:

  • – identify and embrace your goals as a writer
  • – educate and encourage you to become a published author
  • – provide you the experience and sensation of actually selling your book

Where does this guidance take place?

This Author Guidance Program can be accessed:

  • – Locally (Southern California)
  • – Long Distance (Nationwide)
  • – In-Person, Phone, Email, FaceTime, Skype, other Internet Applications

Why do I need this program?

This program will provide you with the satisfaction of:

  •  – seeing your book published
  •  – engaging the marketing and selling of your book
  •  – realizing the return on the investment in your book

When will the program begin?

This program and your journey can begin as soon as you:

  • – commit yourself to becoming a successful author
  • – decide to sign up and transform your dreams into goals
  • – discover that you have another book waiting to be written

How do I take advantage of this program?

If you agree to:

  • – write, write, write and never give up on your dream
  • – be willing to accept guidance, and prepare yourself for success
  • – the terms and conditions of this program and invest in your success

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This is that all-important time when the Believe Publishings / LitFare Team meets with you. It offers us the opportunity to listen to you and learn of your dreams and desires with respects to your book, or book’s.

We also take this time to share the value we bring to you. That value being first and foremost – our ethics; followed by our knowledge, experience, expertise, and commitment to you. As writers, authors, illustrators and artists ourselves, we have a unique perspective of the publishing and art world; and a genuine loyalty to those we guide.



  • – Two Integrated Companies in One – Believe Publishings and LitFare
  • – Daily Industry Analysis and Market Trends Updates by the CEO
  • – Delivering the Highest Quality Product is Our Goal
  • – Cutting Edge Royalty Program: Higher Royalties Paid versus Standard Royalty Payments
  • – Monthly Accountability and Reconciliation of Your Book Sales and Marketing Activity
  • – Our Commitment to Your Success Because We Care

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We meet with each author either, in-person, by phone or live through the internet to discuss and develop a strategic course of action based each of the featured categories below…

  • – Author Guidance Program Agreement
  • – Confidentiality Agreement
  • – Project Idea and Goals
  • – Marketability
  • – Sales Expectations
  • – Genre
  • – Project Style
  • – Project Timeline and Contracts
  • – Writing
  • – Editing
  • – Storyboarding
  • – Artwork
  • – Design
  • – Registrations
  • – Layout and Format
  • – Proofreading and Art Review
  • – Printing
  • – Marketing
  • – Social Media
  • – Promotion
  • – Sales
  • – Inventory, Distribution and Fulfillment
  • – Accountability and Reconciliation
  • – Rights of Ownership and Usage

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  • With our Author Guidance Program
  • you receive the best of both worlds
  • Publishing and Sales


With over 85,000 publishing companies, coaches and services offering a seemingly unlimited mixed bag of programs and services, all designed with a confusing array of ala carte menus, one time only deals, low cost introductory specials, and freebies (?), it is difficult to understand exactly what you are receiving and what you are paying for. And don’t forget that little thing called, “fine print” – those pesky little details and surprises tucked mysteriously within the contracts.

With Believe Publishings / LitFare, you are provided with one complete program that will guide you from idea to publishing success. We eliminated the complex, confusing doublespeak of publishing by presenting you with the information in a clear upfront manner, you can understand.

Annual Program Fee

  • – $7,000.00
  •       – Fifty Percent ($3,500.00) Payable at Signing
  •       – Balance ($3,500.00) payable in twelve (12) monthly installments of $291.67


  • – Artists / Illustrators
  •       – Five Percent (5%) of the Retail Price Point – Print Books
  •       – Based on Gross Sales (not) Net
  • – Authors
  •       – Twenty Percent (20%) of the Retail Price Point – Print Books
  •       – Based on Gross Sales (not) Net

It is literally that simple.

The Believe Publishings / LitFare Team does the heavy lifting while you enjoy learning how the process works, participating in the desired outcome, engaging your audience, and realizing the accomplishment of being a “successfully” published author.

  •  Believe Publishings / LitFare
  • P.O. Box 2272 / Temecula / California / 92593
  • (951) 357-7707   /

While the Annual Program Fee and Royalties are all-inclusive, we reserve the right to change the Fee and/or Royalties at any time, based upon service provider’s costs and current market conditions.


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