Children’s Books For Writers

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Adventure – fueled by your words and a child’s imagination. You have the power to take children on adventures simply with the words written in a book. Write the story you wish you could have read as a child. Write that story that sparks a child’s imagination.

Writing tales of adventure for children takes a special talent. You must create that tale, tailored to the age of the child you are writing for. Your tales of adventure in the hands of a child, will expand their imagination and fuel their love of reading.

We believe you can do the job beautifully!

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Write stories that fuel children’s imaginations, becomes a part of their childhood and creates their next great adventure. Become the storyteller that creates readers, inspires young minds and shows children this world and beyond. We know the story is within you. Let LitFare guide you to authorship so you can share your stories with the world and feed the imagination of the readers!

Where the characters born within your imagination come alive and where they are introduced to the children of the world. Quirky, fun loving, comical and ready for endless journeys in the hearts and minds of Children and all those who just love cartoon characters – the door is open, it’s time for your characters to live!