Whether you are a writer aspiring to become a published author or an established author seeking a new opportunity, LitFare offers a variety of Author Programs with one goal in mind – your success.

The Author’s Pen

From Your Mind To Your Fingertips…How Will You Write?

From Your Mind To Your Fingertips…How Will You Write?

Many who would like to start or have started writing, are quick to leap frog down the publishing rabbit hole, inquiring into subjects such as the illustration process and costs, or the printing versus digital labyrinth instead of asking first, the simple question; how...

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Author Guidance Program

Understanding the importance of integrating the starting point of your publishing a book with the end result of achieving maximum sales is the key to realizing your success.

Our Author Guidance Program is an all-inclusively designed pathway with seven strategic segments to bring about the greatest success. Each segment – Publishing, Art, Printing, Marketing, Website, Sales, and Accountability – specifically provides you with the information needed as we guide you through the complex world of publishing.

Your success is our success!

Featured Illustrator

Madison Savage | Artist

Madison Savage | Artist

Artist, Illustrator, Eclectic Old Soul… A twenty-one year old student of the world, Madison is a California grown artist whose forms of expression are primarily paints and scribbles. Influenced by her appreciation and love of all things vintage, she loves...

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