Artist, Illustrator, Eclectic Old Soul…

A twenty-one year old student of the world, Madison is a California grown artist whose forms of expression are primarily paints and scribbles. Influenced by her appreciation and love of all things vintage, she loves the look and sound of old movies and listening to music on vinyl. One of the greatest compliments she can receive is being told she looks like she just stepped out of a classic old movie.

As a child born with cerebral palsy she required multiple corrective surgeries and was bedridden for many long hours during recovery. Though she never minded – for her budding imagination was fueled by books, movies, and music provided by her whimsical and loving mother.


Once a student of Mt. San Jacinto College, she is now an instructional aide working with students in grades 9-12.

Having been plucked from her imagination and welcomed into the world of illustration, Madison plans to continue her artistic endeavors as she grows and explores the world around her.

Cheered on by her mother and twin brother, she also plans to pursue a career in film – her favorite form of art.