Many who would like to start or have started writing, are quick to leap frog down the publishing rabbit hole, inquiring into subjects such as the illustration process and costs, or the printing versus digital labyrinth instead of asking first, the simple question; how will I put down my words?

Let’s take a look at that question and the options out there for you to get past that first decision in writing your story. What will you use? Will you pick up a pen or pencil and paper, use a typewriter, or utilize today’s technology and use a computer. We realize that in this era a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad or other computerized devices, are preferable for a variety of reasons. Pairing any of these devices with any one of the many writing software programs and apps. can further assist the writer.

What are you going to actually use to write with? There is no need to look around at what everyone else is using. The question is what are “you” going to use? This is a personal preference, there is no right or wrong. What feels best and most natural to your inner author?

Think about your ideas, the words you want to use, how you will phrase your sentences, the images you want to conjure in your readers mind, as the characters and the plot unfolds. They begin to exist from your imagination, from your heart and soul. They have been created from within you, and it is you who further develops them into the story that you are writing. Imagine something so personal being transferred from within you to a piece of paper through your own hand. Feel the glide of a pen on paper as your words flow out onto it.

As some prefer the pen, others prefer a keyboard where their words flow out from the light tapping of the keys they are pressing or others still may enjoy the hum and clack of words coming from an electric or manual typewriter. Which of these seem most inspirational to you? And there you have your answer as to how you will put down your words.

Whether using a pen or keyboard without the aid of writing programs will provide the writer with the challenge and opportunity to grow. Writing using minimal technology, forces you to check spelling, word usage, punctuation, and structure. Writing in this fashion does provide a different, more personal experience for the writer.

So as some artists still choose to use a brush, can an author not use a pen?



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