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The window is open, the night sky is lit and you hear the voice of adventure calling…

From spooky mysteries to travels into the deepest jungles; from exploring secret caves with your best friend to piloting a rocket ship to distant galaxies. Books overflowing with stories just for you… Open a book and open your child’s imagination…

A book can take you on an adventure – no matter who you are, no matter where you are. Kids love adventure and books can put it in their hands. A good book and your child’s imagination can create tales of adventure beyond belief!

Give your child an adventure, give your child a book!

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As parent or grandparent, we can create special times with a child, curled up together reading aloud – enjoying the words and pictures of those timeless fairy tales, or sweet verses of poetry… Our cozy corners are here for you and those special children in your life.

By sharing your love of books with your child, you are expanding their mind and expanding their world.

Take your children on an adventure by sharing your childhood favorites – it can create memories that they can carry into adulthood. Inspire young minds, help them fall in love with reading and fall in love with books.

LitFare, where the entire world of Children’s nursery rhymes, pictures books and zany stories come alive… Yes, we are that whimsical place where all your favorite characters gather together to bring laughter and a few tears to the hearts and minds of children.