Rokaya Charrani (21) is a Morrocan girl who majored in English studies at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

Since her childhood the biggest fascination to her has been poetry, books and cinema. She considered herself a poetess and MicroTales writer. Therefore, she is always obsessed with everything that is artistic and fantastical. Inspiration finds its way to her through the beauty of nature, the experiences that marked and continue to mark her journey and those legendary icons of film, song and literature, who influence her everyday.

Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of being a poetess, journalist or professor; to this day this continues to be my dream.


Some of Rokaya’s favorites:

Subjects: English, History and Philosophy

Poets: Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou and Nizar Kabbani

Writers: Agatha Christie, Edward Said, Fatima El Mernissi

Singers: Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears, Doris Day and Alan Jackson

Actors: Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly

I Understood Everything


The first day I saw her clownish face

I became ready for everything…


Once upon a time, we were the favorite lovable first row twins,

Little did they know that we were racing fiercely and sorely to win.

She showed them how I was the color that suited their mood, fashionable.

She kept painting on my heart using a shady blue marker, it was indelible.

The moment she locked me in her choking bubble,

I understood everything.


I stood there holding my lunch box waiting for the demon to join,

They called her angel but she made me waver like a paper is about to burn.

She mocked my mere garment the way I loved her bombastic joy.

And she found me a trendy topic the way I find a perfect rhyme for my poe

I remembered how nothing’s fair in the world of princesses,

That moment I understood everything.


She was known for her moronic din, her flashy sunrises and flares.

No one knew how I loved the soothing drizzles, walking in the dim rays.

I recall the day our school mistress discovered her plastic plans and battles,

She burned sunrises that were drown on her papers, killed all her angels.


I still recall how her bubble was popping in front of my eyes,

The last day I saw her blear face, she knew I was the demurest, the bestest.

Because since the first day, I understood everything.


Rokaya Chaarani©

Pink Wig

You bought me diamonds,

Glimmering temptations,

You wanted another ingenue for your sick movie.

Honey, it was nothing but a fading journey.


You called me Lolita,

You thought I was meant to

Be your shadow at your bright sunshine

And leave you when it was dark like the night.


I remember how you loved my pink wig,

My mint bubble gum and your coins.

You adored how I made you look rich

While riding in the streets in your Chevrolet.


Fake ornaments, golden rings,

Those are what people worship.

They just want to have fun

But if they met the blues, then they would run.


As you did when you found out

That I wasn’t Alice in your Wonderland.

Honey, I’d lie again and again

Wouldn’t let you know who I really am.


I remember how you crowned me a pink wig,

To be your dream girl, to count your coins,

To lay on your satin like Daisy

But still you couldn’t solve me because I was so hazy.


You bought me pink and purple lights,

Gray and tragic endings because I

Wasn’t what you’ve expected, I wasn’t the coolest

But in the back of my mind I knew I was the bestest.


Kisses on the hands were your planned appetizers,

Tattooed scars are the signature of womanizers.

They want another showgirl for their new lavish party

Hon, little did you know you were driving fast to your fatality.


I remember the night they found you murdered,

Drowning in your black suit, blood and liquor

And I’ll remember how I did the same to the pink wig.

Never see it again on a girl’s head, that was my last wish.


Rokaya Chaarani©