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To nurture the creativity of writers and artists by developing their passion and skills because we believe… in you.

About LitFare


Believe Publishings was founded in 2010 in Eagle, Idaho by author Alan Benoit and his family, at the suggestion of his illustrator, Laurie Barrows, to publish and market his first Children’s Novel – “Dreams Of Shambala.”

In the years leading up to and following that time, Alan immersed himself into the world of writing, illustration, books, publishing, marketing and retail book sales. Along the way he gained a unique perspective of the industy, the processes and rewards that accompanied this exciting and enligthening experience. 

Relocating to Temecula, California later that year, he agmented his industry knowledge with direct operations and management experience within a major bookstore chain. This also provided him with an intimate perspective connected to the customer experience of shopping an actual physical bookstore. 

It was during this period that opportunities to share his experiences and knowledge with aspiring writers and authors began to present themselves.


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About LitFare

LitFare was born from three brilliant minds and their love of all things books. Our goal is to create a home away from home where you can learn, be entertained, and add to your own library.
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